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Springtime and Summer are a tough time of year for those suffering from allergies and asthma.  Our family has had asthma for many generations so we know how to manage everyday life but educating our children about the respiratory condition takes constant supervision, patience and time. Always consult with your doctor on the appropriate treatment for allergies or asthma, but here are some useful Apps that have helped us navigate issues for our family:

  • Allergy Track: allows you to check your allergy symptoms in-depth by keeping a daily diary that translates into long-term trends that you can share with your Doctor.  The diary measures the impact of your allergy symptoms on work or school productivity and family activities. Free for iOS and Android
  •’s Allergy Alert:  helps the allergy-suffers keep up to date with pollen and allergy forecasts for the U.S. and informs users about other environmental factors such as a local asthma index, ultraviolet levels, and cough and cold trends.  Free for both iOS and Android
  • WedMD Allergy App: prepare for each day with a personalized allergy and weather forecast along with doctor-approved tips that can be customized to your family’s specific allergies. Free and currently only for iOS


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Food Allergies can be some of the scariest medical conditions for your family, especially when attending parties or eating outside the home.

  • Don’t Eat That: explains more than 1,900 food additives and ingredients. Save yourself the heartache, and search your smart phone so you don’t go home with something you’ll just have to throw out. Available for iOS only for $1.99
  • Allergy& Gluten Free Diet Tracker by Fooducate: discover and discuss gluten, peanuts , soy and other allergens in products while grocery shopping. Only for iOS currently

Unfortunately, asthma has become a more common respiratory disease in the United States.  Modern medicine has made it easier to handle, but its symptoms can still be deadly if not monitored correctly.

  • AsthmaSense : analyzes symptoms, medication use and breathing data. Not only can you set reminders for medicines and measurements, but you can now track, share and review multiple accounts online and with your doctor with a Cloud.  Free for iOS and Android

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  • AsthmaMD: Written by a  Sam Pejham, a UCSF medical doctor and researcher, to allow asthmatics or their parents log asthma activity. It includes a diary of peak flow measurement, symptoms, triggers and medications. Free for iOS and Android

Dr. Pejham Explains AsthmaMD

Monitoring of drug interactions is critical in today’s fast paced environment. Ask your and your children’s doctors to link all your medical records to your other doctors if possible. We must control our own medical care!  Make sure you carefully read all prescription directions (the fine print) and closely monitor any drug interaction concerns or side effects. For example, often when allergy or asthma sufferers get a cold, doctors prescribe steroids like prednisone.  Prednisone can have serious negative effects if used with other medications and over a long time period.  When taking any prescription medication, make sure your loved ones know what you are taking. If you travel, be sure to carry the medications near your person in case of emergencies. Some Apps to help are:

  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) Standard : designed to aid in cases of emergency. A first responder is able to identify what medical conditions you may have and what medicines you are taking in a few clicks. ICE can also be added to your lock screen. Free for iOS and Android
  • Pill Identifier: allows you to identify pills without labels, by searching through imprint, drug name, pill shape and color.  The advent of technology has made medical care more seamless, but we still have to be the best advocate for our children’s and our own healthcare.  This app can help you monitor which medications you are taking so you can be sure to talk to your doctor about interactions or side effects. $0.99 for iOS only but there is a app for Android.

Finally, hopefully the above Apps will help keep your and your family’s health in order. But in case of emergency, have this App handy:

  • EMNet finder: created by Massachusetts General Hospital, this App will locate the closest emergency room anywhere in the country. Since this App uses your phone’s GPS capabilities  providing one-click action to driving directions, it is perfect for when you are traveling or on vacation. Free for both iOS and Android

These hints are only our opinions so be sure to discuss what works best for your medical care with your physician.  Use the comment section below and let us know about your experiences.


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