Sitting Pretty With #STEAM


Sitting Pretty With #STEAM is what our nation needs to secure our competitive advantage. Our country’s future economy will be based upon our ability to innovate in science, technology, engineering and math, the ever popular STEM. Combine this skill set with America’s artistic talent to create STEAM and we will continue to be ahead of the curve.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was announced that Stanford and many other major universities are now requiring art to be part of their curriculum. STEAM is not just a ploy by the arts community to get more funding, it is truly a way for America to keep its economy relevant in the rapidly exploding world of high-tech. Creating beautiful products appeals to the very basic nature of human beings. We just have to buy them and truly enjoy making them.

One of the organizations that has stepped up to lead this trend  is The Rye Arts Center in Rye, New York (RAC). The RAC now provides leading-edge programming which appeals to innovators, creators and artists of all ages. Lisa Jardine of The Rye City Review quotes Executive Director Helen Gates on this advancement. “By offering STEAM programming, we’ll capture the traditional artists in the front door and the engineering and science kids through the back.” Proving this point, our older son, a science-focused student, had an incredible experience taking the “Rising Artist” course last fall at the RAC.

It is our honor to co-chair the RAC’s Sitting Pretty Gala on May 3rd.  We hope you will join us and our wonderful committee for an evening designed to celebrate the beauty of the arts, the RAC and the special people who enrich our lives through their devotion and support of the arts in our community. Come toast our honorees Laurie Platek and Peter Sinnott and the many talents of those volunteering in the Famous Artists Program. We love to honor extraordinary people like Laurie and Peter because without them our world would not be quite as beautiful.

Laurie and Peter have been inaugural supporters of public art in our area.  Public art is important because it creates conversation and teaching moments.  Laurie and Peter, in conjunction with the RAC, co-sponsored  Beyond Rodin an exhibition in June 2012. Curated by local artist Bob Clyatt, the exhibition featured multi-colored resin sculptural figures mounted on columns placed around downtown.  This was the first time that public art made its way to Rye. Continuing the vision of promoting thought and discussion, the RAC currently has a unique public art installation on its front lawn by New York artist Marc Andre Robinson. 



Curator Jim Langley with son during installation of “Untitled” by Marc Andre Robinson

Without the support of arts patrons like Laurie and Peter, moments like this would not be possible in the wide open space that we call community. The outdoor installation is part of RAC’s Edge of the Seat exhibition which features 14 artists who use chairs as their inspiration in creating these works.  Knoll, Julia B. Fee and The Shade Store are generously underwriting both the exhibit and the Gala.

A new local business is also embracing the STEAM cause. Until May 8th, Blue Tulip Chocolates at 137 Purchase Street is giving a percent of sales proceeds to support the STEAM programming at the RAC, just in time for Mother’s Day. As you know from past blogs, we appreciate Mother’s Day gifts that give back to worthy causes!  Also, don’t forget to stop by the RAC and check out the new Maker Bot 3D printer funded by its successful Kickstarter campaign.

starspack_03Beautiful Chocolate Gift Sets At Blue Tulip Chocolates, perfect for Mother’s Day!


So please join us for the RAC Gala on May 3rd and celebrate the beauty of the arts with the people who make it happen while Sitting Pretty With #STEAM.  Click here to buy tickets.

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