#Take5minutes4breastcancer Video Challenge


A Breast Cancer Tribute Organized by Our Local Boys Soccer Teams

As part of their campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Sole Ryeders & Friends has introduced the #Take5minutes4breastcancer Video Challenge.  This is such a beautiful tribute to raise money for such an important cause!

The Video Challenge asks friends to take five minutes to watch the recently recorded  “Five Senses,” a song written for all women who’ve been affected by cancer, donate $5 to support Sole Ryeders’ programs and then nominate five friends to do the same.  One of our dear friends, Sole Ryeder MaryEllen Doran, was inspired to write “Five Senses” several years ago after she spent time interviewing female cancer survivors who are part of the Sole Ryeders & Friends charitable organization in Westchester County, New York.

The song is the story of a woman who wakes up on a typical day only to find out that she has breast cancer.  It is a story so many of our friends, family members and neighbors have had to face.  Luckily, this woman’s journey brings her to a place of healing and renewal and changes her in ways that she never imagined.  “My hope is that this song will touch people’s hearts and they will consider making a donation to the Sole Ryeders organization that is providing unique, tangible and much-needed programs for women with cancer,” says  MaryEllen.  This particular project is dedicated to another dear friend, Steve Conn, who worked so hard on the initial version of the video but sadly passed away before it was completed.  We are so touched by this tribute song as well as MaryEllen’s talent  and hope that you are, too!  As you can see from the above photo, many people in our community have really rallied around this cause.

The “Five Senses” video can also be seen at www.soleryeders.org, and the song can be downloaded at iTunes.

As you know from past blogs, Breast Cancer Prevention is a cause very near and dear to our hearts.  One of our favorite posts was about The Wig Exchange, another  initiative from Sole Ryeders & Friends, which was co-founded by our close friends Kate and Paul Conn in tribute to the amazing care and support Kate received during her recovery from breast cancer.  They deserve huge kudos for their incredible work making sure that women who undergo breast cancer treatment can receive a wig and the empowerment they need.

Founded in 2007, Sole Ryeders & Friends is a volunteer-driven organization based in Westchester County, New York, which provides support for local cancer-related programs.  The name  ‘Sole Ryeders’ references their founding members, who are residents of Rye, New York, and their annual participation in long-distance walks to support cancer causes.  Their extensive network of over 300 dedicated individuals has used grassroots efforts to raise more than $1.75 million to date to help community members affected by cancer.

A big shout-out to MaryEllen Doran and the Sole Ryeders & Friends and their incredible efforts for breast cancer prevention and treatment.  Way to make a difference!  So #Take5minutes4breastcancer  Video Challenge today!

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