Give back on Cyber Monday: Heart Care International

The holiday season is upon us and one of our favorite holiday traditions is buying gifts that give back!  Given the life of busy working moms, every year we start making our holiday shopping list early but wait till after thanksgiving to begin buying to get the best deals ( we promise we did not sleep outside of Best Buy or the Apple store this weekend).  This year, we will be buying not just for our family and loved ones, but each time we make a purchase online through Amazon Smile, we will be helping children battling heart disease as well!

Let us explain.  At the beginning of the summer, we wrote a blog about how much we value the Benefits of Amazon Prime and at the end of the summer we wrote a post about  An Extraordinary Cause: Heart Care International which for the past 20 years has been conducting humanitarian missions to Latin American countries, saving the lives of over 1,000 children who would otherwise have succumbed to their congenital heart defects. Now, with Amazon Smiles we have the opportunity to link some of “our favorite things.”

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Founded by a group of incredible individuals including our dear and very generous friends Chris and Courtney Combe,  Heart Care International’s goal is to help train in-country medical professionals so that they can develop the skills to help these children even after Heart Care International leaves. This group’s vision of a world where being born in an under-developed country with a heart defect is NOT a life or death issue is truly amazing!  But like all non-profit organizations, Heart Care International depends on financial support from generous donors…and now AMAZON SMILE is that generous donor!  However, in order for AMAZON SMILE to donate to Heart Care International, WE need to help!  So get out your holiday shopping list, get out your credit card and start shopping using Amazon Smiles for all of your holiday and everyday needs (yes, sometimes we do buy toilet paper on-line so we have more time with our kids!).  All you have to do is shop like you would normally!  You don’t pay a penny…Amazon Smile does!  Every time you make a purchase,  Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Heart Care International! We know that many of you may use Amazon Smile to support your local school but you have the opportunity to switch around the important causes you enjoy supporting.

Given that we come from a team of physicians,  have volunteered with local healthcare charities and that we have had several close friends and cousins that have had heart surgery as children, this medical cause is dear to our hearts.  Please join us in supporting Heart Care International and help give the GIFT OF LIFE to hundreds of more children this holiday season!”

You can read more about Heart Care International and their upcoming trip to help children in need here: Next Mission for Heart Care International.

Give back on Cyber Monday to Heart Care International!

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Amy December 1, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Giving back never felt so good! But caution….after you ‘enroll’ as a Heart Care International supporter (clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button above), whenever you go shopping on-line you MUST use the URL when placing your order. If you go to your order will not count and amazon smile will not make a donation to Heart Care International. Just bookmark the in your bookmark bar and use this link every time you make purchases at Amazon to ensure that all of your purchases get credited for a donation to Heart Care International!


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