An Extraordinary Event: An Irving Harper Auction!

The Extraordinary Irving Harper

Witness An Extraordinary Event: An Irving Harper Auction for the first time ever! You know how we love art, so we are really excited to attend the Irving Harper Auction at the Rye Art Center on Saturday, January 10th from 5-7pm.  Please join us if you can to help support the incredible range of classes, programs, exhibits, and workshops for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds that the Rye Art Center provides to the Westchester Community.

Harper, Untitled, (Guernica)

Harper, Untitled, Guernica

At 98, Irving Harper is entering the art market for the first time in an act of generous support for The Rye Arts Center, by donating one of his whimsical, never before seen paper sculptures. Well known for his mid-century designs while working for the George Nelson Office, Harper’s innovative works of paper have been mostly a family secret. Nationwide art and design audiences have been surprised and delighted to view his creations at the RAC gallery since September. Irving Harper: A Mid-Century Mind at Play sponsored by Maharam and Herman Miller continues to attract art lovers of all ages with rave reviews (be sure to check out the listing of incredible articles below).

With a collection that numbers well over 400, Harper personally selected a colorful and vibrant snake to be the first, and perhaps only, of his works to make its way into the art market. The sculpture is composed of hundreds of hand cut paper diamond shapes, encircled within a plexiglass case (24”x20”x 7.5”) that Harper created specifically for the piece.  Be sure to take your family to meet the beautiful serpent that currently sits proudly in the Rye Art Center gallery.

Irving Harper with curators Katharine Dufault and Dr. Jeff Taylor

Irving Harper With Curators Katherine Dufault and Dr. Jeff Taylor

The live auction of the Harper serpent will take place during a celebratory cocktail party on Saturday, January 10 from 5-7 pm at The Rye Arts Center’s 51 Milton Road location in Rye, NY.   Tickets are $50 per person. Sealed bid submissions will be accepted through January 7. For more details, please click here: Rye Arts Center Harper exhibit and auction info.

So be part of art history in the making and join us for An Extraordinary Event: An Irving Harper Auction!

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