Check Out I Dream Too Much: A Film for Women by Women

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Check out I Dream Too Much, a film for women by women and the debut of the movie production company Pantheon of Women (POW).  I Dream Too Much, written by Houston writer Katie Cokinos and Executive Produced by Rick Linklater (Boyhood), will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, today.  We are so excited to attend the initial screening!

While we were living in Houston, we had the pleasure of meeting Alicia Goodrow, one of the founders of POW, through a mutual friend.  Local Houston, in fact, just honored Alicia Goodrow, along with her co-founders Donna Cole and Deborah Kainer, who together launched POW in 2013.  Local Houston’s tribute declares, “All three women are accomplished, strong leaders and mentors with a personal and professional interest in women’s empowerment, so it was their goal to create a company that produces and presents film and television that change the way women are perceived by men and the way women perceive themselves.”

I Dream Too Much tells the story of three generations of women finding their dreams and forging new paths.  Diane Ladd, Eden Brolin and Danielle Brooks play their roles with richness and integrity.  Dora is a recent college graduate who finds herself back home, studying for the LSAT, while her friends travel the globe.  When her Great Aunt Vera injures herself, Dora volunteers to help care for her and travels to Vera’s isolated estate to help out.  Although the last thing the independent Vera wants is a caretaker, Dora fetches sweaters, studies for the LSAT, and trashes her own attempts at poetry.  Fighting feelings of isolation and boredom, Dora begins spending more and more time with a colorful group of locals, leading her to uncover Vera’s hidden past and allowing the two women to forge a stronger bond.  To their mutual surprise, Vera helps Dora through her poetic muddle, enabling Dora to discover her own unique voice, while at the same time Vera rediscovers hers.

We are hoping that the film will be get picked up by distributors nationwide so it can be enjoyed by friends and family across the country, as well as those in the New York City region.  You can check out the trailer of the film by clicking here: I Dream Too Much.

Also, be sure to like the film on Facebook, and you could win this fun gift box:


Check Out I Dream Too Much, a Film for Women by Women

POW‘s next film will be a historical feature, written by Austin-based Sarah Bird, about a woman who served with the Buffalo Soldiers, an all-black cavalry regiment.

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see the premiere of I Dream Too Much by Houston writer Katie Cokinos and Executive Producer Rick Linklater, who produced Boyhood.  We look forward to seeing many more female-driven films from POW.

Be sure to check out I Dream Too Much, a film for women by women.

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