Beso Del Sol, Berkshire East and Blue Apron #BesoBowl


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.43.19 PMThree of our favorite things for Super Bowl weekend this year are Beso Del Sol, Blue Apron and Berkshire East Ski Resort in Charlemont, Massachusetts.

As you know from many of our past blogs, our family just loves Super Bowl because all the festivities around the game create great opportunities for family fun and bonding.

Beso Del Sol

This year we kicked off Super Bowl Weekend by hosting a Beso Del Sol sampling event at our beloved ski hill, Berkshire East Ski Resort in Charlemont, Massachusetts. Over 93 friends enjoyed this wonderfully refreshing adult beverage. It is both low in calories and low in alcohol, so it really is a great choice for both apres ski and as an alternative to beer at your Super Bowl parties.  We also like that Beso Del Sol comes in a sustainable, easy-to-carry box that you can quickly chill and then recycle. The sangria is available in both red and white and is delicious served over ice with mixed fruit and an orange wedge. Beso Del Sol’s brand essence supports a spirit of innovation, empowerment and creating community.

Speaking of community, our friends at Berkshire East Ski Resort felt that Beso Del Sol helped them start the Super Bowl weekend off right after a long day of ski racing!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.43.38 PM

Beso Del Sol Creates Community at Berkshire East #BesoBowl

Berkshire East Ski Resort

Having skied all over the United States, we believe that Berkshire East Ski Resort is the best value for the money.  Not only does the mountain feature terrain for every type of skier, which makes it great for families of different ability levels, it offers a super fun mountain coaster and tubing and the perfect lodge where non-skiers can hang. The Crazy Horse Pub offers tasty fare, entertainment and a great place to visit with friends. Be sure to check out the easy and affordable vacation deals here: Berkshire East.


Why We Love Berkshire East

Blue Apron

We think that the most convenient pairing for Beso Del Sol sangria is the meal service app Blue Apron. Blue Apron’s meals arrive in a sustainable box and provide just the right amount of ingredients so nothing goes to waste. As busy working parents, we would rather spend time our free time with our children than have to chase ingredients around the grocery store.

Not only are the recipes easy to prepare, they are absolutely delicious.  Using the app, we have tried tastes and flavors from all over the world and even coaxed our children into eating fish. Blue Apron is very affordable as well. Each week we order four meals for four for $130 dollars.  But best of all, our children like to prepare the meals with us and sometimes even by themselves. What a treat, and the perfect solution to the weeknight dinner blues.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.45.52 PMBlue Apron Is Perfect for Busy Working Moms

This weekend, Blue Apron provided perfect Super Bowl meals: barbecue chicken wings and calzones. If you like Beso Del Sol on Facebook, we are happy to invite you to a free Blue Apron meal, since we have been with the service for almost six months now. Just leave us a comment below with your email address.

Now our only problem is we can’t decide who to root for in this Super Bowl, Super Cam or the Sheriff. What do you think? Who are you rooting for? Should we ask our friends to vote for which adorable quarterback they would want to kiss the most? Or, we could play a game that every time either quarterback throws a completed pass, we give out kisses to family and friends.
Are you in for the #BesoBowl? Instagram your favorite kiss photo, and you could win a free Beso Del Sol of your choice.
Be sure to check out three of our favorite things for Super Bowl: Beso Del Sol, Blue Apron and Berkshire East Ski Resort in Charlemont, Massachusetts.

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