Life as a #Ski Racer Mom @BerkshireEast

We thought you might enjoy our video blog: life as a ski racer mom.  We want to give a shout-out to moms of athletes the world over and say how we applaud your commitment and your composure!

Who says more prayers, the mom whose child is skiing down an icy and rutted race course at at least 40 miles an hour or the one whose child is making a header in a soccer tournament or the one whose son is engaged in a wrestling match?  All sports can make a parent’s heart stand still, and you pray with every ounce of your being that your child will both be safe and have fun.  It is always painful to watch your precious offspring try and fail, but then you also get to share the thrill of their successes.

Although we all want our children to be happy doing something they love, it can be very hard to watch them compete.  Some of our fellow ski moms don’t watch anymore, because the agony of seeing their child miss a turn or straddle a race gate can be too heart-wrenching.  Skiing in particular can be a hard and unforgiving sport.  Unlike team sports, you don’t get a chance to make up for any errors.  As a parent you see this reality very clearly, but you have to hold it together while you wait to gauge your child’s reaction at the end of a race.  In choosing the right response, your only guide is your gut and your undying love.  There are no manuals or girlfriends’ guides for this one!  While our coaches at Berkshire East have been very supportive and train our children well, we still have to figure out the best formula for our family.

We think, though, that the best part of ski racing is that it teaches true perseverance, resilience and commitment.  You have to be strong mentally to go back out there time and time again, knowing that 20 percent of the time most racers don’t finish the race.  Yet ski racers will tell you that the thrill of your skis carving the snow in perfect rhythm with your body as you fly down the mountain is pure heaven. Whether it is bashing through the slalom poles or whooshing down a giant slalom course, skiing is the fastest way to travel without a motor.  Plus you absolutely can’t beat the views, with Mother Nature displaying some of her most magnificent vistas.

Skiing is also a great sport for bonding as a family.  Not only that, your children are so exhausted by the end of the day that they stay out of trouble.

So no matter what sport or activity your child does, moms, we salute you for all your hard work!

And no, this is not a P&G commercial, but we do love their Olympic mom campaigns!

So be sure to check out Life as a #Ski Racer Mom @BerkshireEast !






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