NYU Stern Leads in Supporting Women in Emerging Innovation

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We are so proud that our alma mater NYU Stern Leads in Supporting Women in Emerging Innovation, especially given New York City’s goal to rival Silicon Valley for the most start-ups and incubators.

What can we do?

Now is the time to address the critical need of supporting women in any type of innovation and tech careers! This is an area where we need more female executives in the c-suite.  We all agree that innovation in organizations and companies large and small is critical to future of our great nation.  Let’s all work together to inspire future generations, including our daughters, and please join this exciting panel discussion followed by a networking reception. Please RSVP HERE.

How do we continue to inspire?
Our goal is to build a volunteer networking platform for women in innovation so we can empower and support each other. This idea originated from the feedback of the women who attended an International Women’s Day Event on March 8th hosted by the Rye Arts Center in Rye, NY.  Launching this month, Women in Innovation will be a community focused on elevating women who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut. We will bring together women accelerating the pace of change across industries including, Technology, Digital Media, Advertising, Marketing, IT, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Science, Bio-Tech and Pharma. Our goals are to empower women in innovation by hosting events that feature top speakers and great networking opportunities and to educate women on the latest innovation & technology trends so they can stay at the forefront of change in their fields. To sign up, please click the link on Meetup.
For additional profiles on women in innovation please view: at Techandtravelmom Moments on Youtube.
So let’s highlight the great news that NYU Stern Leads in Supporting Women in Emerging Innovation!
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