Insights on 2013 Super Bowl Advertising

January 30, 2013

The 2013 SuperBowl is sure to be the most tech savvy advertising event yet. Super Bowl advertising can live stream on smartphones Apps, spur constant and instant social media engagement and has its own Youtube channel. Voting for your favorite Super Bowl ad is rampant across the entertainment industry with key examples like Are Ads the best part? Per Adweek, American adults prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to the game itself, according to a survey by Chicago-based market research company Lab42. Of the 500 respondents age 18+, 39 percent said that the commercials were their favorite part of the game while 28 […]

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Insightful Tablet Advertising Trends

December 6, 2012

Tablet advertising is evolving so quickly we can’t keep up.  The Apps are just amazing.  Per Adweek, 9,125 publication-related Apps were released for the iPad, twice the number released in the year-ago period, according to McPheters & Co.’s iMonitor app-tracking service.  The trend below about how the publication related App advertising looks like its print cousin is very interesting. Links are the most common enhancements. Advertisers are avoiding the bells and whistles and keeping it simple. However, we must say that some of the advertising is a bit annoying. For example, when we watch Modern Family on our iPad we are required […]

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Female Empowerment in the new Nike Ad

April 17, 2012

Nike tries a new approach with its marketing to women: a short movie and karaoke offering.  During our young and hard-core running days, we could barely move vs. sing.  When we ran the 1995 New York City marathon, friends carried us over the finish line.  But, back then Nike didn’t sell the hot pink shoes from the ad which would have made all the difference with the Rocky song at the finish line. We love the female empowerment angle of the young woman running to rescue her love similar to the recent movie Mirror Mirror, the latest version of Snow White. Per Adweek‘s Rebecca […]

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Young children on Smart Phones & Facebook?

March 31, 2012

We just read Adweek‘s article “Datapoints:the kids are online”. As moms, these trends scare us a bit. We are now ready to move in with for minute-to-minute guidance with our children & technology. “Taking a page from their parents, kids are adopting technology at ever-earlier ages. A survey by Walker Communications for Bonnier‘s Parenting Group found that among even the youngest children, nearly half are spending at least a few minutes a day using a smartphone, and nearly one-fifth are using one for up to an hour a day. Boys and girls’ media use was similar, although one area they differed […]

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Pinterest Trusted by Women more than Facebook and Twitter

March 16, 2012

On the 14th, Adweek featured a compelling insight about what recommendations women trust:they trust Pinterest more than Facebook and Twitter. We still believe that women ultimately make their purchase decisions by talking to their Board of Directors (their friends, family and neighbors) as theorized by marketing to women guru Mary Lou Quinlan (Her study based upon interviews of over 5,000 women).  However, social media recommendations are gaining serious traction as part of the purchasing decision process. Per Ki Mae Huessner of Adweek, “Pinterest may be a social media newcomer, but, apparently, it’s already beating Twitter and Facebook when it comes to trust […]

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Nike –Now A Tech Company

March 14, 2012

Nike has become a tech company given its extensive and explosive Fuelband product launch at South by Southwest this week. Both and Adweek highlighted the new technology yesterday. The Nike Fuelband revolutionizes “digital sports” with a glorified step counter that allows integration with all your technology and social media incentivizing us to a new level of fitness. To support this “digital brand”, Nike recently launched an App for Facebook‘s “new timeline” which allows users to compete against their friends and professional athletes to see who can accumulate the most points while raising awareness for LIVESTRONG. However, the Nike Fuelband website is […]

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Revolutionary trends: A new theory on Mom Achievers

March 9, 2012

Marketing to women is one of our specialities so we quite intrigued by the wonderful series of articles segmenting women in Adweek  by Susan Kuchinskas.  The trend pieces have so much good analysis that we had to copy the first one directly into our blog. Marketing & advertising professionals like to segment their target consumers based upon their psychographics and purchasing patterns. We find Susan’s ideas very interesting and rationale for ‘Just Ask A Woman’s’ theory that women often make purchases based upon their “board of directors” because they have time constraints given life’s demands. We would love to hear […]

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Favorite ads from the Oscars

March 1, 2012

  With over 39.3 million viewers the Oscars delivered well for Brand marketers. While the social media buzz focused on wardrobe issues of the celebrities (Angelina) vs the ads, the Academy awards gave a big bang for the buck. Diet Coke used a wonderful tag line…”Not all the stars are on the screen. Stay extraordinary”. This ad significantly outperformed the Super Bowl Bears on the snowfa. We were very impressed that Oikos did another mass market ad. The pool-out of the Super Bowl campaign featuring John Stamos at a party attracts attention, but we like the version where he got head-butted better. So what did […]

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