Trove and Uber: Helpful Apps for Working Women

June 19, 2014

What we need is now available!  Trove and Uber: Helpful Apps for Working Women make organizing carpools while curating important information for work and life (recipes, educational trends, healthcare advice) so much easier.   These genius apps make our daily routines so much less time-consuming. Trove: Helpful App for Working Women Who Need to Find Information Quickly Trove: Our friend Praveen Singh, who is a busy working mom and in charge of Corporate Development at the TYT Network, recently introduced us to Trove.  This fabulous app features the best stories shared by people with common interests.   Praveen says, “Trove lets me keep […]

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Calendar Apps Make Life Easier for Working Women

October 28, 2013

Calendar apps can make life easier for busy working women. Life is hectic and having a calendar at our fingertips is critical.  We have to make sure not to miss a soccer practice or a birthday party.  Super Moms do need help juggling it all. One of the biggest problems we have is coordinating everyone’s calendar and trying to get three children to learn to manage their schedules.  Over the last few months,we have been encouraging our children to input their events in the calendar. While we love iCalendar and its ability to work with Google calendars, there are many calendar […]

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Family Road Trip Apps And Tech Create Vacation Memories

July 1, 2013

Tweet Disclosure: We are a member of the Verizon LifeStyle Blogging team and did receive a Nokia Lumia 928 to review. However, the opinions are our own. Please read our site disclosure here. Family Road trips create vacation memories to last a lifetime and great technology and apps can help make them wonderful experiences. Our family just took another massive cross-country road trip this summer from Houston, TX to Rye, NY. Having road tripped around 1/2 of America, we have found that our tech gadgets and favorite apps make the planning and day-to-day travel easy and convenient. Keeping three children […]

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Disney World: Apps to help you plan your trip

June 17, 2013

Desigual’s Vision of Disney World Driving to Disney World is a dream come true for our Family. Many magical Apps will be helping us along the way. We are so happy to have Apps to guide us since the last time our family visited, we attended a pre-planned conference. Now that the children are bigger and have diverse interests, we had to carefully plan our Disney World adventure. Our seven-year old daughter wants to visit with the Disney princesses while our tween wants to test drive in Epcot. Then, we have our teen who is constantly hungry and wants to eat […]

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Insightful Tablet Advertising Trends

December 6, 2012

Tablet advertising is evolving so quickly we can’t keep up.  The Apps are just amazing.  Per Adweek, 9,125 publication-related Apps were released for the iPad, twice the number released in the year-ago period, according to McPheters & Co.’s iMonitor app-tracking service.  The trend below about how the publication related App advertising looks like its print cousin is very interesting. Links are the most common enhancements. Advertisers are avoiding the bells and whistles and keeping it simple. However, we must say that some of the advertising is a bit annoying. For example, when we watch Modern Family on our iPad we are required […]

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Brands jump into the Free App Game

April 18, 2012

Everyday our 9-year-old and 13-year-old sons plug-in their ipod touches and surf free app games. We know the name of most games because we closely monitor our children’s visits into cyberspace. This analysis allows for dialogue on what games are appropriate and how much time we allocate for playing them. Given that many moms insert themselves into their children’s gaming, it makes sense that Brand Marketers jump into the free app game trend. This strategy can really work for Brands whose ultimate target is children, but they have to legally market to moms such as Candy brands. Will Marketers strike gold […]

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