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Need your feedback on inspiration and marketing ideas for 2013

January 5, 2013

The Easy Bake Oven:the original inspiration for Moms! Inspiration and creativity will continue to drive marketing for many industries in 2013. Luckily, social media is full of many ways to keep creativity flowing and New Year’s resolutions on track.  We can’t believe that this month our blog will be one year old. With over 118 posts, we have explored a variety of topics from social media, to marketing to moms to the latest technology trends.  The goal of our blog was to give insights on revolutionary marketing trends and ideas.  So for the New Year, we would like your thoughts on […]

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Old Birds sell Mac &Cheese to moms via twitter?

April 16, 2012

Kraft ran an interesting social media campaign last week honoring Mac & Cheese’s 75th anniversary.  The Company handed over the Twitter and Facebook pages for the brand for a couple of days to two humorously out-of-it octogenarians—Frankie, 87, and Dottie, 86. We liked the “plank tweet”  (“just learned about planking. anybody know what it means?”) and observed lots of positive buzz on Twitter. Frankie & Dottie even tried to tweet Betty White. The campaign’s humor and nostalgia created some excitement, but we would love to learn if it resonated with Moms, key target consumers. This social media campaign could be a great case study for all […]

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Oscars: a favorite night of the year

February 25, 2012
Publicity photo of Shirley Jones for the 1962 ...

The Oscars is truly a the favorite night of the year in our house. We can’t wait to see Billy Crystal return as this year’s host.  While Hugh Jackman ranks as the “hottest” host, Billy is one of the funniest and will deliver marvelous monologues. Presenters announced thus far include Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry.  A few years ago we had a great party complete with a red carpet and a feast. However, none of this year’s films really made their mark to demand the big fanfare of the past. Guess, I will spend my time looking for the Elton John Pepsi commercial for the third time.  Ellen […]

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Oscars: Proof of Award Show Advertising Vitality

February 24, 2012

The Oscars have evolved to become another  “sold-out” event for brand advertisers just weeks after “the most watched” Super Bowl ever.    For big advertisers and even movie executives, the Academy Awards  can create a unique complete 360 degree platform to reach consumers with a less cluttered environment due to program timing. A 30:spot fetches about $1.7 million this year. Last year, 40% of total ad revenue came from three companies: Hyundai, JC Penney and Coca-Cola.  A few other well-known advertisers stand out for their loyalty and longevity. McDonald’s has appeared in the program every year since 1992 and American Express since 1993. An ironic fact is the […]

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