Cincinnati: Surprisingly Hip and Delightful

January 7, 2015

Cincinnati: Surprisingly Hip and Delightful The last time we visited Cincinnati was over ten years ago, as part of our family baseball tour.  Recently we traveled to Cincinnati twice on business and were surprised at the changes.  We think it is truly under-rated! Cincinnati’s visually striking mix of bridges over the winding Ohio River, combined with the unique urban architecture downtown, offers up a winning combination of the old and new.  We found a wide variety of historic parks and art museums nestled among very hip restaurants and hotels.  And don’t forget the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, which […]

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Family Baseball Road Trip To Meet Cesar Ramos of the Tampa Bay Rays: Leg 4

July 26, 2013

Disclosure: Fairfield Inn in Lake City gave our family accommodations however, the opinions are our own. A family baseball road trip to meet Cesar Ramos, Relief Pitcher of the Tampa Bay Rays, comprised leg 4 of our vacation adventure. Our family has the tradition of visiting several major league baseball parks every summer with the goal of hitting every park in America. While the goal may take our whole lives, we want to achieve the exciting adventure together. So far we have traveled to 20 of the 30 parks. At each park, we have experienced a different slice of America […]

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Gulf Coast Road Tripping: Leg 2 Vacation Adventure

July 15, 2013

Road tripping around the Gulf Coast makes a fantastic family vacation. Every family has to take a least one road trip. We have fond memories of road tripping to the Grand Canyon when we were little.  Amazing that without technology, we kept ourselves amused for 8-hour stretches.  Our mom would make travel kits for each one of us full of activity workbooks, games, cards and books. We would have contests to see if  we could spot license plates from every state. These days we have amazing road trip tech. All we have to do for our children is pop in a […]

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Travel-Mommy: Family Trip to Dallas

May 3, 2013

When you think of Texas the first city that comes to mind is Dallas. The land of the cowboy can make a wonderful affordable family vacation. We love the Texan attitude of big and brave and strong. We have visited Dallas many times to see family and each time we find something new to explore. Send to Kindle

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