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An Extraordinary Event: An Irving Harper Auction!

December 16, 2014

The Extraordinary Irving Harper Witness An Extraordinary Event: An Irving Harper Auction for the first time ever! You know how we love art, so we are really excited to attend the Irving Harper Auction at the Rye Art Center on Saturday, January 10th from 5-7pm.  Please join us if you can to help support the incredible range of classes, programs, exhibits, and workshops for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds that the Rye Art Center provides to the Westchester Community. Harper, Untitled, Guernica Send to Kindle

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Aid for Philippines Typhoon Victims

November 25, 2013

During the holiday season, an important tradition is teaching our children to remember those who are less fortunate. A compelling cause where we can truly make a difference is by sending aid to Philippines Typhoon victims. Every donation, no matter the size, can help because one US dollar equals 43-50 pesos which equates to a meal for one person. Tyhoon Haiyan destroyed cities, farming areas — people’s homes and livelihood literally disappeared in one fell swoop.  Infrastructure was demolished by winds that maxed up to roughly 225mph — stronger than Sandy and Katrina combined. Not only are millions of people homeless, but […]

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Tech-Mommy: Apps to Help Moms Organize

February 23, 2013

Tech Insights: Apps to Help Busy Working Moms Organize Managing family, work and life becomes quite complicated so moms must be very organized to keep it all together. Thank goodness we have so many Apps available to help busy working moms manage everyday life. Send to Kindle

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Kudos to Mom Entreprenuers: Stella & Dot with Stylist Stacey Egan

March 30, 2012

  We always like to support girlfriends who are starting their own businesses. My dear friend Stacey Egan who we have known since our 13-year-old boys were babies has joined Stella & Dot as a personal stylist.  Her job gives her a chance to earn money from home but also balance the schedule of a busy family of three children. This business venture often benefits important “mom” charitable causes like Breast Cancer and Autism. In fact, Stella & Dot raised over $125,000 for Breast Cancer with a special awareness bracelet. Personally, we love to buy gifts that give back to our community […]

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Never stop. Never settle: Stuart Elliott Again

March 20, 2012

Stuart Elliot’s Monday column in the New York Times features an ad campaign so unique that we had to blog about it right away.  Hennessy goes “Wild for the pursuit of achievement”.  What makes this campaign revolutionary is that a brand 248 years old has adopted a teaser approach with social media to do a 360 degree surround of the allusive young male target: 21-34 by appealing to their quest for success. “Captain Ahab had his white whale. Don Quixote had his quest to restore the age of chivalry. Dorothy wanted to find a way to get home to Kansas. Now, a […]

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A unique model all about brand recommendations:Angie’s List

March 7, 2012

Angie’s list is a service where you can get recommendations on local home repair services. Have you used it? The business model is truly unique as people pay for brand recommendations. In fact, many people continue to renew the service at a rate of 75%. Per the New York Times, “in many ways, the paid subscription model is an accident of history”. Check out the article in the Times for further history and background on this innovative company.  We will closely monitor this company as it continues to grow and to determine if it makes sense as an advertising vehicle…. Related […]

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An extraordinary leader–the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg

March 6, 2012

Last Thursday Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook introduced new advertising offerings for Facebook including mobile applications.  Per the New York Times, this will be the largest marketing platform available to brand advertisers.  We wonder what Procter & Gamble will do as they seem to have the recipe for social media.  Wouldn’t it be great to study its marketing mix model? Meanwhile, we will have to closely monitor the trends. However, let’s take a moment to recognize what a truly revolutionary leader Sheryl Sandberg is. The Youtube of her presentation “Why we have too few women leaders” is quite extraordinary. […]

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“No hands”–what next?

January 30, 2012

David Pogue always finds a revolution in the making. Computers with “no hands”–what next? Send to Kindle

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