Family Fun to celebrate NY/NJ Super Bowl XLVIII

January 28, 2014

Our children are really looking forward to the Family Fun to celebrate NY/NJ Super Bowl XLVIII . Last year, we seriously enjoyed all the family events at the Super Bowl XLVII  in New Orleans. So if you don’t want to spend $2,500 for a seat for your child to only sit for 20 minutes, here are some family fun ideas pre-game: The Beautiful Holographic Program Cover For Super Bowl XLVIII by Hazen Paper Company   Family Friendly Events:  The NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee kicks off many exciting events on Wednesday, January 29th through Saturday, February 1st from the Super Bowl Boulevard […]

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MLB All-Stars Staycation Memories With Our Nokia Lumia 928

July 22, 2013

While we have been writing about our recent road trips, last weekend we had a wonderful staycation making memories at the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Stars Charity Concert benefitting victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York City (NYC). A family can experience such fun exploring their local area and making priceless memories that last forever. Pair this with our family’s love of baseball and you got a home run. Since our family’s plan is to hit every park in America together, attending the MLB All-Star festivities became the icing on the cake. Using our new Nokia Lumia 928 camera to document […]

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Family Road Trip Apps And Tech Create Vacation Memories

July 1, 2013

Tweet Disclosure: We are a member of the Verizon LifeStyle Blogging team and did receive a Nokia Lumia 928 to review. However, the opinions are our own. Please read our site disclosure here. Family Road trips create vacation memories to last a lifetime and great technology and apps can help make them wonderful experiences. Our family just took another massive cross-country road trip this summer from Houston, TX to Rye, NY. Having road tripped around 1/2 of America, we have found that our tech gadgets and favorite apps make the planning and day-to-day travel easy and convenient. Keeping three children […]

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Tech-Mommy: Internet Passwords Provide Life Lessons

March 12, 2013

Surfing the internet is a favorite teen PASTIME Tech-mommy: Internet passwords provide life lessons An ongoing issue in our lives, almost as important as finding our car keys, is how to manage all those internet passwords so that we can protect our families and our financial security.  We learned a big life lesson a few weeks ago about giving our children access to our iTunes, Paypal, Hulu, Netflix and other internet accounts. We thought it would be smart to keep all our passwords in a file on our desktop so we would not forget them. Well, it took a few […]

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Travel-Mommy: Review: Family Trip to SuperBowl 47: New Orleans

February 7, 2013

The boys at the NFL Experience at the NOLA convention Center   Travel-Mommy: Family Trip to Super Bowl 47 Our family has always dreamed of attending a Super Bowl. We “soccer moms”just love  taking our families to major sporting events! So when we moved to Houston, we promised the children that we would make the road trip to New Orleans for the big game. Send to Kindle

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Tech Mommy: The Nokia Windows Phone Survives Our Family

February 5, 2013

The Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone has become our best friend. As crazy busy soccer moms trying to balance it all, the amazing features of the phone allow us to manage everyday life and keep it simple. Our smart phone “command center” helps us find our way through the chaos of three children and their often overwhelming schedules. It even keeps our 7-year-old occupied with her own Kids corner area–her personal section of games and Apps that we as parents feel comfortable approving.  She can even watch a movie on Netflix which bought us peace and quiet during our recent road trip […]

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Insightful Tablet Advertising Trends

December 6, 2012

Tablet advertising is evolving so quickly we can’t keep up.  The Apps are just amazing.  Per Adweek, 9,125 publication-related Apps were released for the iPad, twice the number released in the year-ago period, according to McPheters & Co.’s iMonitor app-tracking service.  The trend below about how the publication related App advertising looks like its print cousin is very interesting. Links are the most common enhancements. Advertisers are avoiding the bells and whistles and keeping it simple. However, we must say that some of the advertising is a bit annoying. For example, when we watch Modern Family on our iPad we are required […]

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Living a mobile life with the Verizon Nokia Windows Phone

November 28, 2012

Living the mobile life in our ever-changing world means being an early adopter of technological innovation.  In the struggle to balance family, life and career, we are always looking for ways to save a few more precious minutes to spend with our children. Technology that saves time sure rocks our world. Looking for gift ideas for friends and family for the Holidays? The new Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone is the perfect gift for busy moms.  As crazy busy soccer moms with careers in social media, the Windows phone is exactly what the doctor ordered. We can manage carpools, […]

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