Give back & share: Disabled and Dangerous, a heartfelt heist

January 16, 2014

It’s time to share the laughs with Disabled and Dangerous, a heartfelt heist Two young Canadian brothers, our cousin’s sons, have made a funny movie with the help of a whole community of people. The more views, the more people we make happy. The crazy idea for a film about three guys in wheelchairs robbing a bank developed from the need to raise funds for ALS awareness. Barry Varga, the creator behind the idea for making a comedy about a bank heist, has been living with ALS since 2008, but Barry’s sense of humour is alive and firing on all cylinders. Disabled and Dangerous is […]

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Tech Mommy: Great Apps for Video and Photo memories

April 22, 2013

Family video and photo memories are very important to moms so any App that makes the process easier is a winner! With the everyday balance of family chaos and work, we struggle to find time to create the family mementos that will be treasured forever.  An App that we use while waiting for soccer or lacrosse pickup is a real-time saver. Send to Kindle

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Insights on 2013 Super Bowl Advertising

January 30, 2013

The 2013 SuperBowl is sure to be the most tech savvy advertising event yet. Super Bowl advertising can live stream on smartphones Apps, spur constant and instant social media engagement and has its own Youtube channel. Voting for your favorite Super Bowl ad is rampant across the entertainment industry with key examples like Are Ads the best part? Per Adweek, American adults prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to the game itself, according to a survey by Chicago-based market research company Lab42. Of the 500 respondents age 18+, 39 percent said that the commercials were their favorite part of the game while 28 […]

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John Cena the role model is everywhere even WWE13

December 22, 2012

Our son practicing in the @WWE wrestling cell like John Cena Our sons notice that @WWE Superstar John Cena is everywhere. This month he hosted the Saturday Morning CW Vortex, battled during Saturday Slam, directed the holiday card  and appeared on Late night with Jimmy Fallon to promote Tribute to the Troops (Dec 22nd on USA network). Our sons feel that John Cena is their role model because he fights back against bullying (be A STAR), donates to the Make A Wish Foundation and even promotes breast cancer awareness. Both of our sons have had friends whose mothers fought breast cancer so they were very impressed […]

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How soon is the death of TV as we know it?

August 28, 2012

Today we read an interesting blog in PR Daily by Alan Pearcy about the potential death of Television.  “According to this infographic from, one-third of Americans watch videos online every day, accounting for an average of 28.3 hours a month of viewing on the Web. More than 80 percent of 18 to 29 year olds said they watch some, most, or all of their shows online, while 29 percent said they don’t think they need to own a TV at all.”  Click on the link to the infographic above to fully absorb the magnitude of the trend of how consumers […]

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Extraordinary Female Entreprenuers

March 23, 2012

We love featuring Extraordinary women in our blog. Our marketing industry can learn so much from innovative leaders who create new brands that address unmet needs of consumers.  Today we lifted insights from Adweek by Ki Mae Heussner. Keep your eyes open for the great work from these superstar women. Women Who Go Their Own Way Entrepreneurs who gave up lucrative jobs to launch startups  By Ki Mae Heussner Total parity in boardrooms and C-suites may still be elusive, but a growing number of women entrepreneurs are striking out on their own and showing that they’ve got the chops to launch […]

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Pinterest: Revolutionary Social Media

February 20, 2012

    I signed up for Pinterest on the advice on my super amazing tech-savvy friend Monica Villa the On-line Mom Would you believe I had 56 followers even before I posted anything? These results are truly amazing. So what makes this site revolutionary? Pinterest is a social media scrapbooking site that allows you to organize your life.  You can keep all your ideas, gift lists, recipes, important dates, key addresses, trip agendas all in one place. A dear friend, who is also a social marketer, uses it to post key addresses and restaurants for her daughter who is traveling abroad. Pinterest truly makes life easy. Per Adweek “Pinterest, the scrapbooking site that’s […]

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Are Children the experts on Branding?

February 8, 2012

An insight from my friend Steve Brodwolfe of Are children the experts on Branding? Most of our children began recognizing brand logos at a truly young age. Our children knew McDonald’s before they could read. The below youtube film in enlightening and pretty darn cute at the same time. Some lessons learned? Related articles The Powerful Relationship between Kids and Fast-Food ( Send to Kindle

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