1x1.trans April Means Baseball & #Priceless Family Traditions

April means baseball and #priceless family traditions.  Hopefully, from reading our past posts you know how much our family loves to play and watch sports.

Last month, we really enjoyed college basketball’s March Madness, but our bracket was blown the first week. Our children carefully studied Warren Buffet’s challenge for the perfect bracket.  Next year, they plan to run more mathematic algorithms to figure out the right picks. Meanwhile, what a shame that the #8 seed Kentucky couldn’t win. The last time that happened was in 1985 when Villanova took the crown.  Do you remember where you were that night? Our gang paraded down the Main line. But, that is a story for another time…

So now that spring is here, April Means Baseball. Four  highlights for our family are:

1. Little League Starts:

Baseball season kicks off in our town with the annual Little League parade and champions game. The parade is such a wonderful slice of Americana.

1x1.trans April Means Baseball & #Priceless Family Traditions

April Means Baseball:Little League Season Opener

Luckily, our son was drafted to the majors but much to the chagrin of serious Yankee fans he plays for the Mets. Luckily, his team won the first game of opening day. As Yogi Berra says “Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets“ so we are looking forward to a great season of Little League.  The Little League season opener also marks the launch of our annual family tradition of hitting professional baseball games.

2. Our Family Tradition of Hitting Every Baseball Park in America

A few years ago, when we decided to visit family in Pittsburgh and in Evansville, Indiana we researched places for family fun along the way.  Since our family is filled with baseball players and fans, we decided to map out our trip by visiting major league parks along the way.  Our children happily embraced the new tradition especially since they collected a signature ball from every park.  Along our tour, we always rounded-up local friends to participate in the festivities which makes for wonderful memories. So far we have visited 20 parks:

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. St. Louis Cardinals
  4. Cleveland Indians
  5. New York Mets
  6. New York Yankees: both stadiums
  7. Toronto Blue Jays
  8. Washington Nationals
  9. Baltimore Orioles
  10. Detroit Tigers
  11. Milwaukee Brewers
  12. Anaheim/LA Angels
  13. Chicago Cubs
  14. Chicago White sox
  15. Philadelphia Phillies
  16. Boston Red Sox
  17. Houston Astros
  18. Texas Rangers, Dallas
  19. Atlanta Braves
  20. Tampa Bay Rays

Soon, we will be launching our blog series on traveling to the different parks. Please let us know if you have any tips we should include.

 3. #Priceless Baseball

Given our love of baseball, we often tweet about our visits and events.  Last year, MasterCard graciously invited us to attend the All-Stars concert in Central Park. This season, MasterCard again discovered our tweets and offered us the #priceless surprise of  attending a Yankees batting practice. Unfortunately, at the time, we were visiting family in Texas so MasterCard sent us a Daryl Strawberry autographed baseball instead.  You can only imagine the joy on the boy’s faces when it arrived.  One of the favorite things of childhood is receiving a package in the mail!  Just #Priceless! We thank MasterCard for the generous gift and plan to continue to use our card as we travel across America to different parks!

4. Great Baseball Movies Hit The Screen

Another way we get into the spirit of the baseball season is by watching our favorite baseball movies such as 42! This season, Disney is celebrating the start of baseball  with a pitching contest for its upcoming release: Million Dollar Arm“. The movie is an incredible true story about two young men who grew up in India and went from never throwing a baseball to getting a Major League tryout. To create excitement, Disney is giving amateur baseball pitchers in the nation a chance to compete for a $1 million prize in the Million Dollar Arm Pitching Contest.

Amateur baseball pitchers—male or female, who are legal United States residents at least 18 years of age or older—are invited to qualify to compete in the preliminary rounds of the “Million Dollar Arm” Pitching Contest at either Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, Disneyland® Resort in California or at the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Day at the Tribeca Family Festival in New York City. The three contestants from each location who throw the fastest pitches will advance to the finals and have a chance to compete for a $1 million prize at the world premiere of Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” in Hollywood, California. Official rules are available on Disney.com’s “Million Dollar Arm” homepage at http://movies.disney.com/million-dollar-arm/special-event

Check out the trailer for the movie:


We can’t wait to see the movie when it opens in theaters on May 16th!

Also, while we are talking about movies, we want to sneak in a recommendation to check out a wonderful documentary by a local high school student Zack Samberg and a fellow NYU Violet Ben Altarescu called The Book of Lone Peak. The short film is about an unusual basketball team from Utah who inspires all with their unique style and dominating performance to become #1 in the nation. You can buy it on iTunes for only $2.99 here: The Book of Lone Peak.

Meanwhile, we are going to enjoy one of our favorite months because April means Baseball & #Priceless family traditions!

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1x1.trans Flying with Kids After ACL Surgery

Flying with Kids After ACL Surgery ~oh my!

What were we thinking taking three children cross-country while in a knee brace post ACL, MCL and Meniscus surgery?

As busy working moms, we gotta do what we gotta do right? What doesn’t kill you sure makes your stronger! So here are some helpful hints for flying with kids while recovering from a skiing sports injury when you can barely walk, carry luggage or move quickly:

  •  Book your flight early and request special seating so that you can make sure your family is seated together. Why is it that airlines always choose to separate families at least five rows apart?
  • Be sure to ask your surgeon for handicapped sticker paperwork so you have easy access when parking and pulling into drop off zones
  • Make sure the airline seating allows you to prop up your leg at a comfortable position. Be sure to consider whether you need the right or left aisle if you have to keep your knee brace locked straight
  • Request a wheel chair if you need assistance walking because most airport concourses are very long.  The wheel chair assistant can meet you curbside or at the check-in counter. We found that United provides wonderful services for those who need assistance
  • Schedule to arrive at least 2 hours in advance of your flight so you can take your time with your injury if security lines are long and kiddie bathroom emergencies are common
  • Pack light with pull suitcases so your children can manage their own luggage.  If the children are in elementary school or older, have them pack their own bags including a book and their favorite DVD player, iPad or iPod
  • Find a chic backpack to carry your basic essentials so you have your arms free to manage the children
  • Buy a box of instant cold packs from Amazon Prime for $10 (have to love the free shipping). They are also great for family boo-boos during your trip
  • Pack Tylenol, Advil and gum (to relieve the children’s ears from the pressure) in both your backpack and your suitcase
  • While it seems easier to have your boarding passes on email or texted to your smart phone, good old paper works best when taking four people and  a wheel chair through security. Luckily, they only need mom’s drivers license when the kids are under 18, however it never hurts to bring passports as a backup
  • Although the wheel chair assistants may ask to prop your suitcase on the foot stands balanced precariously between your legs, avoid at all cost because you may end up a back or neck injury since the travel can be a bit bumpy. Most assistants can easily pull a small suitcase behind them
  • Wear easy slip on shoes so you don’t have bend down when going through security
  • On the way to the airport, ask your children to be the captains or cruise directors of the trip and tell them specifically how they can help you. Pull mom’s bag, carry mom’s computer, hold their little sister’s hand etc…  Once you get to the airport, they will love the responsibility of navigating the airport while being shielded by your wheelchair
  • Purchase snacks after security, but before you get on the plane to avoid grumpiness. The airlines have snacks for purchase but they are expensive, very salty and often messy.  Spilling bruschetta from the tapas snack pack in your lap is not fun especially when it runs down the leg brace
  • Make sure you have plenty of small bills handy so you can thank helpful attendants along the way
  • When renting a car, splurge on one of the major companies like Avis since you can be wheeled right up to your car and take off vs. waiting in the long line in a wheel chair surrounded by restless angels
  • Most important of all, make sure you bring your spouse or a traveling partner to keep your sanity especially if traveling with little ones.

Any hints on flying with kids after ACL Surgery?  

1x1.trans Flying with Kids After ACL Surgery

 Traveling with Kids When Mom Is Nursing A Sports Injury


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Suzanna Keith is an experienced marketing professional who believes in leveraging revolutionary insights and ideas to grow extraordinary brands. Her expertise includes researching consumer insights and building on these insights to drive long-term strategic direction in all aspects of brand management. read more

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