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Family Travel Emergencies

January 29, 2015

  On a recent trip, we had plenty of time to think about Family Travel Emergencies! Family travel, as we all know, presents its own set of challenges, especially in distant locations where English isn’t the native language. It is quite likely that if you travel with your family often, sooner or later you could face an emergency of some kind.  We were reminded of this not too long ago when we were confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, and we thought it would be helpful to share our experiences and those of our readers in order to help other […]

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Cincinnati: Surprisingly Hip and Delightful

January 7, 2015

Cincinnati: Surprisingly Hip and Delightful The last time we visited Cincinnati was over ten years ago, as part of our family baseball tour.  Recently we traveled to Cincinnati twice on business and were surprised at the changes.  We think it is truly under-rated! Cincinnati’s visually striking mix of bridges over the winding Ohio River, combined with the unique urban architecture downtown, offers up a winning combination of the old and new.  We found a wide variety of historic parks and art museums nestled among very hip restaurants and hotels.  And don’t forget the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, which […]

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Fun Family Skiing at Mont Tremblant

December 9, 2014

  Winter is here, and we’ve just kicked off our ski season with Fun Family Skiing at Mont Tremblant!  Tremblant is less than two hours by car from Montreal and nine hours from New York City, but the drive must rank as one of the most beautiful in North America.  We’ve noted that parks in Quebec are national parks, as opposed to provincial parks, which adds to the feeling that Quebec is a country within a country. The View From the Top of Mont Tremblant is Spectacular An Intrawest resort like one of our other favorite mountain resorts, Stratton, Mont […]

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Easy Family Trip to Galveston And Moody Gardens

June 22, 2013

Craving the calm of the beach and ocean but don’t have time for an island hop? We recommend a family trip to Galveston Island to see the Texas Gulf Coast.  You can do a simple overnight or a four-day trip. What we love about the beach, is that it is beautiful any time of the year. The Family At Galveston Seawall The Perfect Island Get Away: Galveston makes a great first visit to the Gulf Coast. A small romantic island tucked deep within the heart of south Texas, Galveston captures all the charm of a quaint southern town but is just 40 […]

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Insights on why Mom’s love Verizon iPhones

June 29, 2012

Before we bought the iPhone, we thoroughly analyzed and researched our options with our board of directors: fellow moms (our Just Ask A Woman Philosophy). We reached out to over 50 friends over the course of three months and asked them which smart phones are the best for manning their careers, families and homes. 75% of our board members/friends have iPhones and felt the key benefits were: They like having Siri however, 30% still have to figure out how to use it iCalendar and contacts are easy to manage and to help organize the family They love that their iTunes […]

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Helpful App from Master Card featured on Facebook

March 13, 2012

American Express (Amex) introduced a twitter App last week. Meanwhile, Mastercard had already introduced an App to find the closest ATM and even key merchants.  We discovered the Mastercard App on Facebook and liked it right away. We have been using the Mastercard marketplace but the Phone App is less work. Convenience is great but value is important to moms in this economy. Some feel overwhelmed by the sunday coupons, Groupon, all the internet discounts sites and even the twitter giveaways.  They want a way to keep savings easy. So we love the simple Apps that sync directly to our phones and […]

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Amex introduces a revolutionary new app on Twitter

March 8, 2012

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal announced that Amex is introducing a revolutionary new app that turns Twitter hashtags into real savings. I discovered the Amex app announcement with Whole Foods on Hootsuite this afternoon and promptly tweeted this revolutionary idea. Shortly after, I received an email from Amex on how to sync.  Of course, I had to google to make sure the email was not an internet scam and I discovered the wonderful WSJ article. The first time I tried to sync I received an error message–maybe consumer overload. The 2nd time it worked. I even received a lovely thank […]

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Oscars: Proof of Award Show Advertising Vitality

February 24, 2012

The Oscars have evolved to become another  “sold-out” event for brand advertisers just weeks after “the most watched” Super Bowl ever.    For big advertisers and even movie executives, the Academy Awards  can create a unique complete 360 degree platform to reach consumers with a less cluttered environment due to program timing. A 30:spot fetches about $1.7 million this year. Last year, 40% of total ad revenue came from three companies: Hyundai, JC Penney and Coca-Cola.  A few other well-known advertisers stand out for their loyalty and longevity. McDonald’s has appeared in the program every year since 1992 and American Express since 1993. An ironic fact is the […]

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