Lessons From iOS 7 And Spilling On Our Laptop

September 24, 2013

iOS 7 &  Spilling on Our Lap Top! What a week for Tech! The web was abuzz with Apple’s unveiling of two new iPhones and iOS 7. While we have both Android and iPhones, we think it is super cool that Apple introduced a phone that is more affordable across the world.  However, we are waiting a few weeks before we jump on the new innovations. We like to be early adopters, but we realize Apple may need more time to work out the bugs. If you an iPhone fanatic, the $100 more for the 5s might be worth it with the improved […]

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Tech-Mommy: Internet Passwords Provide Life Lessons

March 12, 2013

Surfing the internet is a favorite teen PASTIME Tech-mommy: Internet passwords provide life lessons An ongoing issue in our lives, almost as important as finding our car keys, is how to manage all those internet passwords so that we can protect our families and our financial security.  We learned a big life lesson a few weeks ago about giving our children access to our iTunes, Paypal, Hulu, Netflix and other internet accounts. We thought it would be smart to keep all our passwords in a file on our desktop so we would not forget them. Well, it took a few […]

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Insightful Tablet Advertising Trends

December 6, 2012

Tablet advertising is evolving so quickly we can’t keep up.  The Apps are just amazing.  Per Adweek, 9,125 publication-related Apps were released for the iPad, twice the number released in the year-ago period, according to McPheters & Co.’s iMonitor app-tracking service.  The trend below about how the publication related App advertising looks like its print cousin is very interesting. Links are the most common enhancements. Advertisers are avoiding the bells and whistles and keeping it simple. However, we must say that some of the advertising is a bit annoying. For example, when we watch Modern Family on our iPad we are required […]

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Insights on why Mom’s love Verizon iPhones

June 29, 2012

Before we bought the iPhone, we thoroughly analyzed and researched our options with our board of directors: fellow moms (our Just Ask A Woman Philosophy). We reached out to over 50 friends over the course of three months and asked them which smart phones are the best for manning their careers, families and homes. 75% of our board members/friends have iPhones and felt the key benefits were: They like having Siri however, 30% still have to figure out how to use it iCalendar and contacts are easy to manage and to help organize the family They love that their iTunes […]

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