Tech-Mommy: Help for New Year’s “Get in Shape” Resolutions

January 14, 2013

Fitness rules with family! So what Tech devices, apps or websites do you use for your New Year’s Resolution to get in Shape? Every year getting into better shape ranks at top of our list as it does for most moms. Overall, we have done okay but we could always do better. As we get older and busier as our children grow, finding time to take care of ourselves becomes tough. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on the day, we entering an age bracket where the bikini may no longer be socially acceptable but we will play that one by ear. […]

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Olympic sponsorships and another great commercial celebrating Moms from P&G

July 25, 2012

Only two days to the Olympics and counting. We can’t wait for the opening ceremony on Friday night.  To celebrate the Games, P&G just introduced another ad campaign celebrating Moms on Facebook. This campaign continues the same appreciation of moms as the Mother’s Day spot. Moms do have the most important job in the world and can never be thanked enough. Meanwhile, the Olympics will be a gold mine for brands like P&G. Per Adweek, the Olympics with generate $6-7Billion in sponsorships and advertising revenue. NBC’s Beijing Games was the very definition of a blockbuster, averaging 27.7 million viewers over 17 […]

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Facebook Research wars

June 15, 2012

So not only did Facebook have a disastrous public offering but Reueters & Ipsos then announced a study that “4 out of 5 people claimed that they never purchased a product advertised on Facebook”.  Interestingly, we first saw the study announced on Twitter and then heard about it on CBS News Radio 88. Then, yesterday, ComScore released a study stating that advertising does work based upon the number of “likes” clicked (link below). However, we would love to see how these studies breaks by age and by sex. Since P&G still maintains a large presence on Facebook, we are willing to bet money […]

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Female Empowerment in the new Nike Ad

April 17, 2012

Nike tries a new approach with its marketing to women: a short movie and karaoke offering.  During our young and hard-core running days, we could barely move vs. sing.  When we ran the 1995 New York City marathon, friends carried us over the finish line.  But, back then Nike didn’t sell the hot pink shoes from the ad which would have made all the difference with the Rocky song at the finish line. We love the female empowerment angle of the young woman running to rescue her love similar to the recent movie Mirror Mirror, the latest version of Snow White. Per Adweek‘s Rebecca […]

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Nike –Now A Tech Company

March 14, 2012

Nike has become a tech company given its extensive and explosive Fuelband product launch at South by Southwest this week. Both and Adweek highlighted the new technology yesterday. The Nike Fuelband revolutionizes “digital sports” with a glorified step counter that allows integration with all your technology and social media incentivizing us to a new level of fitness. To support this “digital brand”, Nike recently launched an App for Facebook‘s “new timeline” which allows users to compete against their friends and professional athletes to see who can accumulate the most points while raising awareness for LIVESTRONG. However, the Nike Fuelband website is […]

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