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Olympic sponsorships and another great commercial celebrating Moms from P&G

July 25, 2012

Only two days to the Olympics and counting. We can’t wait for the opening ceremony on Friday night.  To celebrate the Games, P&G just introduced another ad campaign celebrating Moms on Facebook. This campaign continues the same appreciation of moms as the Mother’s Day spot. Moms do have the most important job in the world and can never be thanked enough. Meanwhile, the Olympics will be a gold mine for brands like P&G. Per Adweek, the Olympics with generate $6-7Billion in sponsorships and advertising revenue. NBC’s Beijing Games was the very definition of a blockbuster, averaging 27.7 million viewers over 17 […]

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Revolutionary Ad Campaign by P&G thanking Moms

April 27, 2012

P&G has introduced another moving ad for its Olympic sponsorship campaign to Moms. The first one for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 made us cry.  With imagery perfect for Mother’s Day, the 2nd spot for this summer’s London Olympics pulls our heart-strings yet again. This ad is revolutionary because it builds on the insight that moms love nothing more in the world than watching their babies grow up to their greatest potential.  To moms, being extraordinary can mean becoming an Olympian or just being a good person who smiles at his or her neighbor every day. But, we love […]

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An extraordinary leader–the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg

March 6, 2012

Last Thursday Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook introduced new advertising offerings for Facebook including mobile applications.  Per the New York Times, this will be the largest marketing platform available to brand advertisers.  We wonder what Procter & Gamble will do as they seem to have the recipe for social media.  Wouldn’t it be great to study its marketing mix model? Meanwhile, we will have to closely monitor the trends. However, let’s take a moment to recognize what a truly revolutionary leader Sheryl Sandberg is. The Youtube of her presentation “Why we have too few women leaders” is quite extraordinary. […]

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Facebook ROI perspective : P&G’s Old Spice Case Study

February 1, 2012

A great piece by Jim Edwards below: it contains a case study that P&G’s Old Spice Social Media had tremendous ROI. Read more: P&G’s CEO told Wallstreet  that he would have to “moderate” his ad budget because Facebook and Google can be “more efficient” than the traditional media that usually eats the lion’s share of P&G’s ad budget. The Old Spice Ad Campaign with its complete 360 degree surround of consumers is truly revolutionary. Most find the ad hysterical and perfectly irreverent. Capturing the brand essence, the ad makes Old Spice relevant to today’s young hip males not to mention our 40 something gang. What a […]

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