Aid for Philippines Typhoon Victims

November 25, 2013

During the holiday season, an important tradition is teaching our children to remember those who are less fortunate. A compelling cause where we can truly make a difference is by sending aid to Philippines Typhoon victims. Every donation, no matter the size, can help because one US dollar equals 43-50 pesos which equates to a meal for one person. Tyhoon Haiyan destroyed cities, farming areas — people’s homes and livelihood literally disappeared in one fell swoop.  Infrastructure was demolished by winds that maxed up to roughly 225mph — stronger than Sandy and Katrina combined. Not only are millions of people homeless, but […]

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Family Road Trip Apps And Tech Create Vacation Memories

July 1, 2013

Tweet Disclosure: We are a member of the Verizon LifeStyle Blogging team and did receive a Nokia Lumia 928 to review. However, the opinions are our own. Please read our site disclosure here. Family Road trips create vacation memories to last a lifetime and great technology and apps can help make them wonderful experiences. Our family just took another massive cross-country road trip this summer from Houston, TX to Rye, NY. Having road tripped around 1/2 of America, we have found that our tech gadgets and favorite apps make the planning and day-to-day travel easy and convenient. Keeping three children […]

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Flying With Young Children: Helpful Hints

June 7, 2013

Disclosure: We recently received Ear Planes to review. We were not compensated for this post. As always, all opinions are our own. Read our full disclosure on our site.   Because family lives so far away, our children started flying only a few months after they were born.  After 14 years of flying all types of routes with three busy children, we have a couple of hints we would like to share. Flying with young children can be brutal no matter if it is an hour flight or a seven hour flight.  The hardest age for flying is pre-schoolers (ages 2-5) who […]

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Travel Mommy: Sunny Sanibel with Extraordinary Women

May 20, 2013

An even better sunset in Sanibel. Perfect for families #travel #parenting — Revolutionarymkting (@skconcepts) April 19, 2013 “Everyone needs a little time away far away from the ones that we love” .. Chicago As busy working moms, we rarely take time for ourselves. Given our midlife hormones, we are often sleep-deprived and stressed from everyday life. It is so important that we get away every year for a few days from our family. Life is rough when mom isn’t there to hunt down clean underwear, the soccer uniform or missing homework along with managing the cooking and cleaning. So in […]

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Tech Mommy: Great Apps for Video and Photo memories

April 22, 2013

Family video and photo memories are very important to moms so any App that makes the process easier is a winner! With the everyday balance of family chaos and work, we struggle to find time to create the family mementos that will be treasured forever.  An App that we use while waiting for soccer or lacrosse pickup is a real-time saver. Send to Kindle

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Mom’s Annual Holiday Life Lesson

December 29, 2012

Every year we look forward to the holiday break as a chance to talk about family traditions and discuss a key life lesson “ala” Mom. We have found that a simple one goes over best with the wide age range of our children. While we all look forward to the holidays, we have to be honest that having the children full-time for the two-week break can be tough–even for the best super moms.  Luckily, travel, the relatives and the hubbies help to keep the children occupied for a bit. We all know that those days go by too quickly and […]

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Kudos to Mom Entreprenuers: Stella & Dot with Stylist Stacey Egan

March 30, 2012

  We always like to support girlfriends who are starting their own businesses. My dear friend Stacey Egan who we have known since our 13-year-old boys were babies has joined Stella & Dot as a personal stylist.  Her job gives her a chance to earn money from home but also balance the schedule of a busy family of three children. This business venture often benefits important “mom” charitable causes like Breast Cancer and Autism. In fact, Stella & Dot raised over $125,000 for Breast Cancer with a special awareness bracelet. Personally, we love to buy gifts that give back to our community […]

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